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Viral Meme Coin, Memeinator, Lists On Exchanges After Raising $7.7M

London, United Kingdom, May 29th, 2024, Chainwire

Memeinator the viral new meme coin, continues its upward trajectory following its successful $7.7 million presale and has confirmed it will list its MMTR token today, the 29th of May, at 3 PM UTC on both MEXC and Uniswap.

MEXC, popular among both novice traders and experienced investors, has listed several meme coins that have shown significant growth in 2024, such as MEME and BONK. The exchange currently has trading volumes exceeding $1.6 billion and serves over 10 million users across more than 170 countries, making it a robust platform for Memeinator’s community and new investors preparing to trade.

Memeinator’s team views its substantial following of over 125,000 across various communities as a sign of the anticipation surrounding the token’s listing, indicating a strong potential buyer base now that the coin is available for public trading.

Users can visit the official website for more information on how to buy.

A vision that has gone viral

Memeinator’s narrative presents it as Terminator-esque, returning from the year 2077 to avert a dystopian future filled with low-quality, derivative meme coins sucking all credibility out of the crypto market. Its goal is to amass a loyal following and a “$1 billion market cap” in its bid for supremacy.

Marco Tonetti, Head of Product, said: “Today is the culmination of months of hard work, and the team and community are super excited for Memeinator to take flight. Our team has prepared a huge marketing push to support the listing and myself and our Head of Community, Dylan, will be running our usual AMAs and will welcome any incoming questions.”

Memeinator aims to leverage the dominant narrative of the 2024 bull market: meme coins. These coins have seen substantial growth this year, collectively holding a market cap of nearly $60 billion. The team sees this as an opportunity for Memeinator’s potential performance as it lists during this bullish market.

After having announced its new staking pool, which offers up to 60% APY and opened yesterday, further anticipated news includes the upcoming Memeinator NFTs and the imminent release of the Memeinator: Meme Warfare game due this quarter.

Predicting the outcome of MMTR

Given the success of its peers, the team expects Memeinator to be a noteworthy meme coin, featuring a strong community, a unique narrative, and a clear roadmap of deliverables positioning it as a long-term project.

Memeinator’s community is aiming for success similar to that of its competitor, PEPE, which recently achieved a $6 billion market cap with a price increase exceeding 500x from its tracked lows to a new all-time high in May.

Considering its presale performance, community strength, and current bullish conditions in the crypto market, the team is positive about Memeinator’s future.

About Memeinator

Memeinator is the antidote to the hundreds of throwaway meme coins that lack any legitimate utility. With its deflationary token, engaged community, expertly crafted NFT collection, and video game, it offers real innovation instead of just hype. Its purpose is to eclipse its rival meme coins. And, on the way, deliver strong returns to its community via both trading its MMTR coin and staking, before smashing the $1 billion market cap.

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