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Term Structure Sets Stage for Mainnet Launch with New Updates and New Feature Integrations

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, May 28th, 2024, Chainwire

Term Structure, a non-custodial fixed-income protocol that provides fixed rates, fixed terms, and peer-to-peer borrowing and lending on Ethereum, is excited to announce significant updates and upcoming features as it gears up for the upcoming Mainnet launch. These developments demonstrate Term Structure’s commitment to revolutionizing liquidity and risk management and introducing innovative solutions in DeFi.

Fixed income refers to investments that pay returns on a fixed schedule, typically in the form of regular interest payments. This offers investors predictable income streams. For example, if a user invest in a fixed-income token with a 5% annual yield, he will receive an additional 5% of the same type of token each year.

To enable users to earn additional points and staking rewards by looping their liquid staking tokens (LSTs) and liquid re-staking tokens (LRTs), the protocol will allow these tokens to be used as collateral. Users will soon be able to borrow them at their preferred rates and choose from 5 to 6 fixed maturity dates. This integration is poised to make fixed-rate and fixed-term borrowing and lending more accessible and versatile, catering to a broader range of user needs in DeFi.

Furthermore, Term Structure will launch a point system, incentivizing user engagement through lending and borrowing in Primary Markets and buying and selling tokens in Secondary Markets on the protocol. This point system will reward users for their active participation and contribution to the ecosystem, with other perks such as bonus points for referrals and early participants.

In addition, Term Structure has successfully completed the trusted setup ceremony for zkTrue-up, its customized zero-knowledge-proof system, in collaboration with leading audit firms such as ABDK, HashCloak, and Bware Labs. The system’s security is ensured because all participants have discarded the «toxic waste,» which is data that could potentially trick the system into accepting fake proofs. This effectively prevents anyone from gaining control over zkTrue-up.

As the anticipation for the Mainnet launch builds, these updates underline Term Structure’s dedication to innovation and security in DeFi. By continuously improving its platform and engaging with its community, Term Structure is set to offer reliable fixed-returns solutions for the crypto community.

About Term Structure

Term Structure introduces a distinct ZK Rollup solution democratizing fixed-rate and fixed-term borrowing and lending as well as fixed income trading by offering low transaction fees. Backed by Cumberland, HashKey Capital, Decima Fund, Longling Capital, and MZ Web3 Fund.

For more information, users can visit Term Structure’s website at and follow Term Structure’s social media updates:

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