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Driving Growth: Insights into India’s Auto Dealership Landscape

Auto dealership, a distinctive business model, provides exposure to the automotive industry's structural growth while offering diversified revenue streams, as outlined in a comprehensive report by BofA Securities. The Indian car dealerships stand to benefit from the country's growing passenger vehicle market, driven by premiumization and the shift towards SUVs. With a projected 6-7% volume compound annual growth rate (CAGR), there's considerable potential for revenue upside. Additionally, the scope for consolidation within the industry presents an opportunity for dealers to enhance coordination and brand control.

The report emphasizes the significance of parts and services in dealership profitability, with a robust growth trajectory of 15%+ CAGR and impressive margins. Furthermore, auxiliary revenue streams like used car sales and finance/insurance services contribute to business diversification.

Comparisons with global markets like China and the US shed light on India's unique automotive landscape. Contrary to trends in other countries, new car sales in India maintain healthy contribution margins, while used car sales remain a relatively small segment. The prevalence of traditional dealership models over direct and agency models distinguishes the Indian market.

Addressing investor concerns, the report debunks myths surrounding electric vehicle (EV) adoption and digitalization. Despite initial apprehensions about revenue loss from EV servicing, global experiences suggest potential for increased revenues from software and subscription models. Moreover, while digitalization trends are recognized, the dealership remains pivotal in facilitating final customer transactions.

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A meeting with Landmark Cars, a leading premium auto dealer with a market capitalization of INR 3,293 crore, underscores key industry insights. Landmark's strategic focus on premium and luxury segments, along with brand reorientation towards SUVs and electric vehicles, reflects market trends. The company's expansion efforts and emphasis on sales and service underscore its commitment to capitalizing on evolving consumer preferences.

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The report highlights the consolidation opportunity within the Indian dealership landscape, driven by rising operational costs and the need for digital investments. Margins in new vehicle sales remain healthy, particularly with a shift towards premium SUV brands. With robust growth prospects in the luxury car market and evolving EV landscape, dealerships like Landmark are poised for strategic expansion and revenue diversification.


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